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Welcome to Bright Beginnings!

Our educators are vastly experienced and we know how important it is for our little ones to feel secure while their curious minds are being nurtured.

We strongly believe in a balance of curiosity-driven curriculum rich in literacy whilst developing soft skills such as appreciation, kindness and confidence.

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Our Classes

Our engaging activities that revolve around different themes so the young ones will get to explore and apply early concepts such as numeracy, simple physics, life science, art, music and language. 

 The hands-on activities using appropriate materials and manipulatives will enrich learning. Adequate time is allocated for structured learning and unstructured play. Your child can look forward to learning how to cook, dance, play sports and try out various forms of artistic expressions. 

Bright Beginnings is dedicated to ensure the kids realise their full potential and reflect the core values of our centre.

Our Curriculum

Each week, the focus will be on a book – with all activities revolving around the storyline and characters related to the book. There will be a different book chosen each week. Not only does this keep learning fun and relevant – but this approach allows our young learners to build a library of books to enjoy again and again.

We believe that childhood is a journey and most children just need a little guidance now and then to really come into their own. 


Preschool / Early Learning

(Ages 2 - 6)


Child-minding /

After-school care  

Supporting your child's growth outside of formal schooling. Talk to us.


Enrichment Activities

(Ages 2 – 8)



There’s value in taking time to understand what works for the child when it comes to learning. Talk to us and see how we can help.


Our literacy-based curriculum together with theme-based projects will enable your child to:


Develop a love for

books and art


Dare to experiment and make mistakes in a safe environment


Expand and utilise his/her creative instincts


Be confident

learners and



Develop a passion to learn and become lifelong learners


 Be adequately prepared for primary school and beyond


We moved to Singapore from NYC in 2016 and I did a quick search of schools to see what was in my neighborhood. Bright Beginnings was a bit off of my casual stroll exploring the area, but it was meant to be. I have had 3 kids go through this school and, to say the least, this is an amazing group of teachers that do amazing work. The love that each of the teachers shows our kids has brought tears to my eyes. In a world where everyone is looking for the best of the best, sometimes it's nice to slow down and see the strength in love, patience and kindness and that the best will shine through. This is what BB has taught my kids. My kids will all be in primary school in 2020, and we will sorely miss Teachers Su, Sharon, Susan and Mel. You are forces greater than you will ever know and your work in early childhood education will continue to make an impact for longer than you can imagine. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Arti J. Balchandani

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